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Hamsey Rangers Football Club Swaziland

We are delighted to announce the formation of Hamsey Rangers FC, Swaziland. Thanks to the generosity of Hamsey Rangers UK ( in donating their old kit and a generous personal donation to purchase boots we are on the way to a first class sport's project. United Nation's research shows how using sport as part of a holistic, integrated approach, along with other interventions, can help to address complex social issues.
Sport can:
 increase confidence,knowledge and self esteem
teach the ability to settle disputes peacefully,negotiate and interact whilst developing leadership skills
decrease negative/anti social/criminal behaviour
improve communication skills
allow positive interaction and role models between peers, coaches,families and teachers
have positive health implications
improve local economy - children become more employable, coaches/teachers employed from local community
provides respite from working or caring roles

 Lynn's job in the UK involves working with juvenile offenders so this, combined with Robert's passion for sport seemed to lead naturally to the formation of a youth football team.Robert has worked very hard to establish the team and to their credit Hamsey have already won their first, knock out tournament 6 - 3! The team comprises both boys and girls and our next project will see us raising money to build a community hall which will not only provide a sports changing/hosting facility but also literacy/numeracy and HIV/AID's awareness lessons. In this way we hope to support children who have previously "slipped through our net" having been excluded from mainstream education due to circumstances such as caring for siblings/working/finances . Literacy and numeracy classes will be offered to both children and adults and HIV awareness sessions will also be held. Eventually as well as employing a part time teacher and health motivator we would like to offer bereavement counselling to our orphans a relatively new concept in Swaziland. 

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