African Village School, Ekudzeni, Swaziland, South Africa


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Angus Lawson's Community Primary School Feeding Programme

As our school grows so do the number of pupils who are either orphans, or, extremely vulnerable.Many of our children were attending school hungry and returning home even hungrier - not the best conditions in which to concerntrate and learn. As a result, in March/April 2008 we returned to Swaziland to introduce a feeding programme into daily school life. The result of this is that all our children receive a mid-morning meal of maize porridge improving not only their ability to concertrate but their general health and quality of life. We also employed Khanysile, a women from the local community, to cook for our children thereby aiding the local economy and directly her own family. 

From January 2010 the Swaziland government have stepped in to provide the food required to run this programme enabling us to utilise our resources to commence, and sustain, the feeding programme at the Orphan's project. This now means that our pupils will have access to 2 meals a day and the new programme will run 7 days a week, 365 days a year - a huge achievement and whose benefits speak for themselves. The programme is staffed by volunteer mothers from the community and we are very grateful to them for the work they have undertaken to do.


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