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Chicken/Pig Breeding Programme

Once the tractor was purchased and before we started raising money for the community primary school we decided to raise money to start a chicken breeding program on the homestead. This had previously been a thriving endeavour bringing in a much needed income unfortunately following an outbreak of a very contagious disease the chickens were wiped out along with any hope of replacing them. Senzo, our community project manager, is an essential part of all our projects. He receives no payment but without him none of our projects would ever run smoothly. By providing more day old chicks Senzo could continue to organise our projects on the ground whilst earning money to support himself and his family. The money for this was raised by holding both a Summer and Christmas Fayre with all profits going to this project. We were able to provide the chicks, equipment and, most importantly, vaccinations for all the chicks to enable them to be reared for the time required before going to market to be sold. Senzo has continued to plow the profits from this back into his business.

Senzo has been so successful that he has now moved on, from chickens, to breeding pigs and goats. He also runs a local, general store whilst still volunteering his time as our project manager. He works incredibly  hard for the community and deserves this success greatly.

We have also now branched out and purchased a pig, Polly, who will be used to breed more pigs which in turn will be used both as food, and, a source of revenue. Polly gave birth to her first 6 piglets at the end of February 2011. Three have been sold to replant our maize fields, one will be kept to breed, along with Polly, one piglet will provide income to feed Polly and the remaining piglet was slaughtered during Lynn's visit in May this year. One piglet provided enough meat to treat the orphans to pork stew plus we now have 12 bags of pork in the freezer which will enable the children to have meat twice a month for the next six months - result!


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